TMCP Ambassador

The Ambassador of Goodwill for TMCP – Actor Boman Irani

Actor Boman Irani is the Ambassador of Goodwill for Tara Mobile Creches Pune. Being involved with a couple of other welfare causes in Mumbai, Irani believes that any nation’s primary resources are its children. “It’s crucial that we treat this invaluable resource – our children – with all the care and concern we can muster. Children from all walks of life are special – whether privileged or underprivileged. It’s our duty to honour, protect and nurture them,” said this father of two sons at a recent TMCP event he attended in Pune.

Boman often reminisces about his life when he was not yet a star. Starting out by making some meager earnings from ‘behind’ the counter of his family wafer shop in Byculla, Boman Irani began his stint as a leading fashion photographer. However, it was when he finally moved to the front of the camera that he became famous, with films such as Khosla ka Ghosla, Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, Lakshya, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara and Veer-Zaara. “It’s disconcerting that I’m always made to play the father of the heroine, never the love interest,” quips boisterous Boman. “But I’ve had a great time essaying various roles and acting is something which gives me vicarious pleasure. I can get to play so many different people, without letting go of the real me,” says the man with the kindest smile on his face.

While talking about TMCP, Boman proudly shares, “I’m especially moved by the success some former children of TMCP have made of their lives. It’s evident that they have not just become materially-prosperous, but have also grown as human beings, because of their association with TMCP”. For the future of TMCP, Boman emphatically affirms that, “It should be mandatory for builders to provide crèches on construction sites, for children of construction workers.”