Support For Older Children

Support for Older Children

Children who do not go to school because of their short stay at the construction site are encouraged to learn reading, writing and mathematics at the Centre. Children of school-going age are helped with admissions by TMCP. These children come to the crèche first in the morning when their parents leave for work. Depending on the time they have to be at school, the children study at the crèche till it is time to leave for school. When the children return to the site after a day at school, they finish their homework and complete their studeis under the strict supervision of experienced and caring karyakartas. When the time comes for the children to pursue higher education at colleges, counseling and guidance is provided selflessly by the TMCP staff members.

Suryaputra’s story
Suryaputra came to Pune two years ago to study for Class 9 & 10. Son of parents who are both construction workers, Suryaputra was enrolled in a school by TMCP. The Co-ordinator and the Karyakartas at his centre helped him with his studies after school. They guided and counseled him to work hard for the Class X exams. And the hard work has indeed paid off. Suryaputra scored 79.2% in his SSC. He aspires to be a Civil Engineer and is willing to work hard for it. Suryaputra believes that one is nothing without education. His brother earns well but is not educated at all. Suryaputra says, “I could have also earned like my brother and been happy. But I want to study and be successful. I believe that there is a lot of respect for education”.
Suryaputra is a recipient of the State Award for Best Scout in 2010.