Program 3

Program for holistic development in children between 6 to 14 years of age

As per the Vision of the organization, holistic development, including Health & Nutrition, Life-skill development & Education form an integral part of the interventions for this age-group too!

Health – Nutrition interventions include daily meals three times a day, healthy snacks in the morning and evening, health check-ups, and supportive nutrition for children with special needs.

Life-skill Development interventions include periodic sessions in personality & soft-skill development, age-appropriate life skills in all areas of development AND leadership skills. The application of these training sessions happen day-to-day at the centres through the Children’s Parliament (called the MITRA MANDAL) and its support group members, where children take ownership for matters that arise in their day-to-day lives with need-based support of adults (care-givers, site office personnel).

Education interventions include supportive activities to the children’s academic growth. It starts from getting children enrolled in local schools, providing transport to reach school, daily academic support classes, weekly sessions in co-curricular activities (like Mallakhamb, Yoga, Dance, etc.), sessions to strengthen their foundations in reading (held in collaboration with Door Step Schools (Door Step School – Pune Team).

Bright children with an academic inclination upto grade 4 are enrolled in residential schools to ensure their continuity in education.

Children from grades 8 to 10 receive career guidance (an exposure to various careers directly from the professionals themselves), they have their aptitude testing and vocational counseling carried out at an appropriate time.

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