Program 1

Program for holistic development in children under three years of age (including pregnant women & lactating mothers)

This program ensures healthy growth & age-appropriate development of babies and toddlers. Interventions with pregnant women, lactating mothers, fathers as well as older siblings form an integral part of this program.
The focus of this program is to empower parents of babies between birth to 3 years to stimulate age-appropriate development in their children through communication and play using available resources (space and materials) in the home environment. Capacity building of parents is carried out by increasing knowledge and skill base at the centres as well as in their home environment through home visits.
This empowerment of parents is to ensure that the child continues to receive stimulation even after the family leaves the construction site and moves to a place that has no facilities for promoting development in children.
Parents receive training to:
1. Monitor and stimulate age-appropriate development in their children using communication and play.
2. Identify delays in the child’s development.
3. Ameliorate delays in the child’s development with the help of the TMCP staff.
4. Identify local agencies for therapeutic intervention of children with established disabilities.

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