Hostel Admissions

Hostel Admissions

When older children wish to pursue their studies at schools or colleges TMCP helps them to be admitted into hostels. Children live in the hostel and study at schools to complete their education without the hindrance of having to move homes with their migrant family. Children from Tara Mobile Creches Pune have been accepted at the Seva Sadan hostel and the Ishwar Foundation Ashram for Boys in Pune. TMCP Program Co-ordinators pay regular visits to the hostels to monitor the children’s well-being and also visit their schools to check on their academic progress. Parents visit the children every month.

TMCP also provides vitamin and calcium supplements to children staying at the hostels to balance their nutritional needs. Besides this, TMCP also helps find sponsors to take care of the annual hostel expenditure for each child so that construction worker is not burdened with the expense. Snack coupons at the hostel and prescribed medications are also partially sponsored by TMCP to ensure that the children are healthy and happy.

Seva Sadan…. A haven for girls from TMCP

The Seva Sadan was founded by late Smt Ramabai Ranade in 1909. Ramabai was a strong crusader for the cause of underprivileged girls and women. She believed that the way forward for women in society is only through education. Today a century later, the Seva Sadan continues to strive towards emancipation of women through the schools and colleges that it runs in Maharashtra. Over 300 girls from age 5 onwards live at the Seva Sadan hostel in Pune. They are provided with free or subsidised lodging and boarding and can live here till the age of 20 yrs. TMCP partners with Seva Sadan and sends girls from its centres to live at Seva Sadan and pursue their education at schools and colleges. Currently 11 girls studying from Class V and Class XII are housed at Seva Sadan Pune.

Vascon Builders have recently constructed a hostel for boys at Kharadi, Pune. 6 boy students from TMCP centres are housed at this hostel and go to a nearby school for their studies daily.

These hostels provide the appropriate environment for children of the construction workers who are keen to complete their education. Thanks to Seva Sadan, Vascon and Maher, our children are being supported to pursue their dreams and aspirations.