Healthcare, Hospital Referrals, Emergency Healthcare

Preventive and curative health care receive equal attention at TMCP.
a. Nutritious meals three times a day including eggs, milk, seasonal fruits, and vegetables
b. Nutrition supplements (Iron, Folic acid, Multi-vitamins)
c. Special diets for undernourished children
d. Weekly check-ups by a qualified medical professional
e. Age-appropriate Immunizations
f. Hospital referrals and treatments
g. Referrals to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) for children identified with severe and acute malnutrition
h. Supportive nutrition to pregnant women & lactating mothers
i. Annual Health Check-up in collaboration with local hospitals
j. Training parents on the preparation of low-cost nutritive food for their children
k. Taking parents and members from the labour communities for visits to local hospitals to get acquainted with their processes.
l. Awareness sessions for the labour communities on various topics (Superstitions, Drug de-addiction, Alcohol abuse, Domestic violence, Child marriage, Importance of education etc.)