School Enrollment & Career Assistance

School Enrollment
TMCP adopts a non-formal approach to make learning meaningful. The activities revolve around a theme, language, mathematical concepts, and scientific experiments. TMCP aims to help children understand complex topics, build vocabulary and above all develop clear concept. When the children are ready for school, teachers at the crèche prepare them for the admission interview. Most often, the construction workers migrate from one state to another and rarely have all the statutory documents to establish their identity or proof of their children’s birth. The TMCP staff members have to often run around for completing the parents’ paperwork – birth certificates, ration cards or domicile certificates that are normally non-existent due to the nature of the construction workers’ occupation. The children from TMCP study well at school and achieve outstanding results at the Class X Board exams.

Anjana Kashid is a beacon today for all children of construction workers who has proved once again that every child does need a rightful right to education. When Anjana was in Class X she scored 80% at the SSC examination. Two years later, she repeated her feat by scoring 74% at the Class 12 HSC examination! Being the first girl at Tara Mobile Creches Pune to have succeeded so well in her studies hasn’t been an easy journey all through her childhood. This gutsy and determined girl has worked as domestic help during her free time, studied at nights under candlelight and overcome financial constraints and family opposition to work towards her dreams. Anjana makes the school enrollment initiative a matter of pride for TMCP. Read more about Anjana in our Success Stories in the Media section

Career Assistance
Most children who are part of the mobile crèches perform well at school. Students at Class X have always excelled at the Board exams with flying colours. TMCP guides and counsels these successful students towards promising careers and bright futures through career guidance.