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Workers on construction sites normally migrate from one place to another in search of a livelihood. Families on the construction site often live under unhygienic conditions without electricity and clean drinking water. While the parents are at work, their children live in unsafe environment. The children do not have access to their basic rights – safety, health care, nutrition and education. Who will provide these to them?

Tara Mobile Creches Pune (TMCP) is a non-profit organization, set up in 2007, to ensure that migrant construction worker’s children enjoy the right to safety, healthcare, education, recreation and participation. We operate centres, or creches, on construction sites in and around Pune. At these centres, we provide a stimulating environment that fosters the importance of good childcare and contributes to the safety and all-round development of the children on the site. A qualified, experienced, and well-trained team of staff-members and ‘karyakartas’(workers), trained in childcare by TMCP, manage the creches.