Certificate Course – Bal Palika

Certificate Course – Bal Palika

Bal Palika Training: Tara Mobile Creches Pune runs an 8-month Certificate Course for Bal Palika training. The need for this course was felt due to the dearth of trained manpower for childcare and education. The minimum qualification for the course is SSC. Participants at this course are given training in the following areas


Creche Development – Participants are introduced to the history of TMCP and the Mobile Creche movement. Training is also imparted on the code and conduct rules for teachers and on the value of punctuality. Teachers learn how to be creative and aware of the child’s needs.


Training on the prospect of opening of a new Mobile Creche – assessing requirement of space and supplies based on the number of children being enrolled.


Creating Projects – Teachers are encouraged to choose a topic and create a project using various media such as art, craft, stories, educational activities, music etc.


Health (for children aged 2 to 15 years) – Training is given on immunisation, nutrition, and handling age-related infections and diseases. Participants are also trained in educating parents on family planning and making pregnant mothers aware of the importance of immunization and nutrition.


Child Development (for children aged 0 to 15 years) – Training is given on developing activities for children in this age group, handling small children, understanding them, disciplining them and designing games for the different age groups, creating a happy environment for children, teaching them to keep their toys clean and safe.


Record Keeping – Training is imparted for recording data on immunization drive, medicines, stationery and stock keeping.


Language & Communications – – Skills on building languages, story-telling, music, dance, designing street plays, community meetings, slide shows and disseminating medical information for parents.


Parenting Workshops – Participants also learn to train mothers about development of the child at home and how to keep the child engaged and entertained with things available at home.
The Bal Palika training is divided into training capsules and hands-on work. The course is run only for women. TMCP has held Bal Palika Training for over 1300 teachers in the Pune Municipal Corporation.