A day at TMCP

A day at TMCP

TMCP provides childcare services that ensure a safe and hygienic environment and cater to the all round development of the young ones. TMCP also assists children with admissions to main stream schools and holds support classes for them. The organisation also works with the construction community.

The hub of all activity is the centre, built at the construction site. It has has brick walls with a tin roof, toilet facility, kitchen space and space for outdoor activities.

By 9:30 a.m. the mothers arrive to leave their children for the day.

The Creche is for babies below 3 years – here they will feed on milk and cereal, and rest in the safe hands of the childcare worker, while their mothers are at work.

Our toddlers from 3 to 6 years keep busy at the balwadi playing with pebbles, blocks, strings and beads, in the sand-box or the doll’s house. They learn as they play and eagerly sit down in a circle at 10:30 a.m. for story-time!

The older brothers and sisters are happy to attend the non-formal education (NFE) group. It helps relieve them of their baby-sitting chores. Playing with alphabets and numbers in the NFE classes, art-craft and drama is something they look forward to. Children who attend afternoon school outside the centre finish their studying in the morning.

Lunchtime! Everyone tucks into hot khichdi (gruel of rice, lentils and vegetables, soya, etc).

While the kids nap in the afternoon, the staff catches up on work. Notes are made, meetings planned, and reminders chalked out for health follow-ups and other important tasks.

Refreshed from a nap the children settle down on the mats around low tables to focus on the afternoon activity of the day – painting, paper folding and pasting, clay work, dance drama, games – depending on the weekly plan. School-going children return to the centre by this time. They relax for sometime and then sit down to complete their homework and revise their lessons of the day.

Doctors visit the centres once a week and attends to the sick children and pregnant mothers. Prescribed medicines / supplementary diet food is provided at the creche.

Around 4.30 pm, a snack of sprouted lentils, peanut and jaggery/banana is given and they are off.

All is quiet till 9:30 the next morning!

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